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Faux Painting / Faux Finish / Faux Paint definition.

Faux Finishing or Faux Painting is when paint is applied by an artist to a wall surface in a way to match a certain pattern and color or even motif desired. Usually, it requires a base coat of paint with many other layers of other color paint to achieve the desired look. Faux painting is used on walls and many other surfaces. Almost any faux finishes can be accomplished.
Faux finishing are techniques used to create the fell of texture. You can use basic techniques to make a wall look marbled, rough, weathered and so on. Your local mega-hardware store can provide instructions, books, tool and paint.
Faux in French means "false". It's an artistic technique allowing you to create the illusion of whatever finish you are trying to acheive. All the "Faux Finishes" or "Faux Painting" identified above can be matched and many others. Of coarse, the more knowledge and practice one has, the more realistic the final finish is. Faux paintings should not be confused with murals or Trompe L'oeil (French for "mislead the eye"), the depiction of a image or scene that appears to be 3 dimensional or life like, for example. Faux Paintings on wall surfaces are not necessarily Trompe L'oeil.