Faux Design Works
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Faux paintings and faux finishes on Long Island NY.

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Craftsmanship in decorative painting for the client who seeks perfection.

 Welcome to Faux Design Works, a distinctive faux finishing decorative painting company. We are proud to have our work ornamenting the walls of many homes & businesses in the New York City & Long Island areas. At Faux Design works we specialize in high quality finishes with an extraordinary level of precision. Our designs can be simple yet elegant and include finishes such as glazing, stenciling or antiquing and extend to the more elaborate, such as Metallic or Venetian plaster & Gold, Copper or Silver leafing / gilding. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you or your business on the design of a unique decorative finish that exceeds your expectation.

 Licensed & Insured

Faux painting on bassement wall